2023 Workshops

Club workshops are designed for all levels of artistic experience and skill, and provide a variety of mediums taught by experienced instructors.  Club member input helps determine classes offered.  Typically, there are monthly workshops, as well as one or two multi-day workshops throughout the year.

Workshops typically begin at 9 a.m. at The Sutton Center in Port Clinton, and end by 4:30 p.m. Detailed information such as a supply list, or the biography of the instructor will be available just prior to the workshop.

Pricing for Workshops at The Sutton Center are:

One Day – $20/Member or $45/Non-Member

Two Day – $40/Member or $90/Non-Member


The Sutton Center is once again open for workshops in 2023. The following sessions have been scheduled:

Link to Detailed Upcoming Workshop Information Here

Remaining 2023 Classes and Workshops List by Month:

September 19th: CANCELLED – DAVID SMITH “Beaches, Birds & Paradise”

October 21st: KATHIE WIDING “Winter Fun Painted on Double Canvas”

November 18th: SHARON WEAVER “Christmas Theme” can be used for Christmas Cards

December: No Seminar

Workshops: Kathie Widing 419-341-0817 or artfullydone@gmail.com

A detailed printout will be available at the future meetings.