2021 Workshops

Club workshops are designed for all levels of artistic experience and skill, and provide a variety of mediums taught by experienced instructors.  Club member input helps determine classes offered.  Typically, there are monthly workshops, as well as one or two multi-day workshops throughout the year.


The Sutton Center is once again open for workshops in 2021. The following sessions have been scheduled:

Tuesday, July 12th, Jan Hackett – BRUSHO ART

Wednesday, August 25th, Lorna Kretchmar – EBONY PENCILS – “Coming Face to Face with Faces”

Saturday, September 18th, Rebecca Booth – WATERCOLOR, Florals

Saturday, October 9th, Kathie Widing – ACRYLICS, Fall Painting

Saturday, November 13th, Debra Buchanan – OILS, “Untold Secrets of using Oil Paints”

Workshops: Kathie Widing 419-341-0817 or artfullydone@gmail.com

A detailed printout will be available at the May PCAC meeting.